DIALOGUE was created to fill a void which exists in the present Torah observant world. There is presently no platform for the intelligent, Torah-oriented discussion of important contemporary issues and ideas by writers who are both steeped in Torah knowledge and committed exclusively to its values.

DIALOGUE will be primarily devoted to the presentation of ideas, insights and discussions as they impact on the Torah society of our times. But it will not only deal with issues which are timely but with those which are timeless as well. Thus, articles based on interpretations of ma’amarey chazal (the words of the Sages) or those which contribute to the under¬standing of Torah life and living, will also be found within its pages.

DIALOGUE will do its utmost to be engaging, literary and captivating. It will attempt to remain committed to its goals while at the same time eschewing any intellectual stuffiness. At the same time, DIALOGUE hopes to be true to its name and will welcome dissenting opinions as well, whether submitted as full articles or as letters to the editor.

Rabbinic Board
  • Rabbi Shlomo Miller
  • Rabbi Aharon Feldman

  • Editor-In-Chief
  • Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman
  • Editorial Board
  • Rabbi Moshe Einstadter
  • Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Klugman
  • Rabbi Aharon Lopiansky

  • Managing Editor
  • Rabbi Eytan Kobre